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August 27, 2018 @ 11:00 am

Ask A Pastor - with Pastor Steve Lambert

On today's episode of One Cross Radio, we are debuting the first episode of our new series "Ask A Pastor", featuring our awesome friend Pastor Steve Lambert from Forward Baptist Church. Pastor Steve and I are looking at if Jesus had spent any time during the three days before He rose again, as well as looking at the King James Only movement.

I really hope and pray you learn from this weeks episode. If you have any questions you would like pastoral insight on, please hit us up in the comments, or send us a message over on our facebook page

We're taking next Monday off as it's a holiday in Canada, but we will be back with our next episode on Monday, Sep 10th!

Hope you have a great week, and God bless my friends!

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August 20, 2018 @ 11:03 am

Another Chat With Pastor Hector Miray

On today's episode of One Cross Radio, we are having another chat with the wonderful Pastor Hector Miray from Faith and Fandom. We're catching up with Pastor Hector whose had an insane couple of months - getting his insight on publishing three books, experiences at cons, recommendations on shows/comics/movies, and more!

You can find Faith and Fandom on Podbean at

Instagram at

And Hectors fantastic books on Canadian amazon at


You can also check out Vertical Church's website to learn more about them at


Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed and learned as I did, and be sure to like/share/follow if you can, and to check out Faith and Fandom! God bless my friends.

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August 13, 2018 @ 10:14 am

Let’s Talk About - Antman & the Wasp AND Marvel News with Steve Lambert

And we're back! On today's episode of One Cross Radio, we are joined by the always fantastic Steve Lambert and we're looking at the 20th entry into the MCU - Antman & the Wasp as well as the news about the Disney/Fox deal officially going through and Disney's firing of James Gunn.

What did you think of Antman & The Wasp? Are you excited about X-Men and Fantastic 4 coming back to Marvel? What do you think of the James Gunn situation and Disney's reaction? Let us know in the comments!

Hope you enjoy today's episode, and don't forget to like, share, and subscribe if you can! God bless my friends!

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